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Psychology Patient
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Psychology Clinic

Private psychology sessions available for couples and individuals who feel they need a little more support. Choose if you would like a session in person or online.

We understand individuals and couples sometime just need a little more support, direction, compassion and understanding, so here at Partners Elsewhere you can receive private counselling support discreetly online with a psychologist.


In Australia, Partners Elsewhere is a Medicare registered provided, allowing you, 10 individual sessions and 10 couple session rebated with a mental health treatment plan per calendar year (during COVID19) under the Australian Mental Healthcare Plan. To receive the rebate please provide us with your referral from your GP. Contact us if you have any questions.

Psychology Fee Structure









Partners Elsewhere does not provide emergency services. In the case of an emergency, clients should attend their local hospital’s Emergency Department.

Or call

1300 41 76 75

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