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Principal Psychologist & Lead Educator 

Emma is a mum, sister, daughter, fiancée and psychologist. 

Emma have a passion for supporting people to enrich their lives by helping them connect to a sense of wellbeing. Having family members who have served on deployment, along with close friends, she has witnessed the impact physical separation can have on various relationships. 

Her career as a psychologist has had a strong focus on communication, understanding emotions, and creating stronger bonds with loved ones and the community among other things. Emma was delighted to join Partners Elsewhere as she felt there was a lot of opportunity for her to apply the theory and techniques she was using with her clients, to foster positive relationship growth with couples experiencing deployment and constant relationship interruptions.

See Interview with Emma


Director & Educator

Elise is a mum, sister, daughter, military wife and has a background in medical education and global health.


Elise is passionate about finding innovative means to improve the health of individuals across the world, both mentally and physically. Elise has lived through deployments and constant separation from my loved one. She has experienced first hand the true impact the military can have on the serving member, the spouse and the entire family.

Elise is determined to help military families and other families in a similar situation, in a way that hasn't been done before- by focusing on prevention, as opposed to crisis management. She wants families to learn the skills to not just survive family disruptions, but to actually thrive.

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