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Connected From The Inside Program

PE Health offers a unique prison program to help prisoners improve their relationship with their loved ones from the inside. 

The Connected From The Inside Program has been developed by our principal psychologist, Emma Rice, who has had over 7 years working in the prison system in Victoria, Australia, and the Partners Elsewhere team. 

The program is based on psychological understanding and strategies and allows both individuals in the relationship to reflect on themselves and the relationship, whilst also teaching them tools and strategies to strengthen it, so that when they are reunited permanently they will have a strong foundation to go forward. 


Each fortnight a new topic will be introduced. Within each topic there is:

  • Education on the topic: Delivered in person to prisoners, delivered by video online to partners.

  • Solo Mission: A task the couple works on individually relating to the topic.

  • Team Challenge: A task the couple works on together relating to the topic.

  • Date Nights: Fun games for the couple to do to work on their communication and engagement. 

Extras Available

  • An online support group can also be available to partners

  • Face-to-face group sessions for partners 

  • Mini program to help couples when they reunite

*Face-to-face interaction is subject to COVID limitations

Depending on the prison's structure and budget, the program can be delivered multiple ways and tailor it to the needs of the prisoners. 

Specialised Programs: Courses & Programs
Audience and Lecturer


  • Communication

  • Mindset

  • Game Plan

  • Taking Control

  • Tribe

  • Emotional Rollercoaster

  • Creative Solutions

  • Appreciation

  • Identity

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Love Connection

  • Intimacy

  • Neuropsychology of an Argument

  • Mental Health 

  • A Fair Fight

  • Attachment

  • Reuniting (Designed to help the couple easy back into each other's lives)

    • ​Reality

    • Routine

    • Expectations

    • Wellbeing & Check-in



  • Improves mental health and wellbeing.

  • Keeps prisoners more engaged.

  • Helps prisoners to become functional members in their family and in society.


Phone: 1300 41 76 75 (Within Australia)

Phone: +61405082715 (Outside of Australia)


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