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Jumping Off the Plane


Intensive Program

The global COVID-19 pandemic has hit the military hard, causing personel to have extended time away from their loved ones; having a significant impact on their wellbeing and their partners.

PE Health offers military across the globe intensive mental health programs like no other. We are all about the prevention!! Our programs are designed and delivered by a psychologist specifically for military personnel who will be or are physically separated from their spouses (and families) for lengthy periods of time.

Research indicates that if people are happy in their home life, they are more productive at work. PE Health focuses on the prevention of family breakdowns and supports the mental health of your military unit employees. 

Based on psychological understanding and strategies, PE Health's psychologist and team can work with you to develop a program specifically for your unit, and their family's circumstances and needs.

PE Health can offer

  • Support in identifying your units' family support needs,

  • A discreet online couples program,

  • Online counselling with a psychologist,

  • Workshops for the stay-at-home spouse/family,

  • Workshops for the employees,

  • Online support groups.

Whilst you require a family member to be physically absent from home, we can support their wellbeing. By supporting the prevention of family breakdowns and mental health issues you can concentrate on your task force.  

Contact us to learn more about how we can strengthen your workforce and provide a happier and healthier environment for your employees.

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