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Intensive Program

The global COVID-19 pandemic has hit the sporting industry hard, causing players to relocate to different regions, states and countries; having a significant impact on the players and their partners.


Athletes Elsewhere is an intensive program designed by a psychologist, specifically for professional athletes who have been physically separated from their spouses (and families) for lengthy periods of time.

The Program is delivered discreetly online and teaches couples psychological tools and strategies to improve their communication, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their partner and their relationship. 

Whilst the program is designed for couples to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in their relationship, it is also made to be fun and motivating. 

Our goal is for partners to not just survive, but instead, to thrive!


What's Included?

  • In depth information provided on numerous topic. Various program lengths are available;

    • Topics include 

      • Attitude

      • Taking Control

      • Emotional Regulation

      • Neuropsych of an Argument

      • Appreciation

      • Identity

      • Intimacy

  • Each topic includes

    • In-depth information on the topic

    • Solo Mission (completed by the individual)

    • Team Challenge (completed as a couple)

    • Fun Date Night 

    • Further Resources

  • eWorkbook​

  • Support Group (Optional)

The private support groups (via Facebook) will receive weekly information session (via live chats, webinars, and/or guest speakers). Individuals will have the opportunity to ask those burning questions and suggest discussion topics. In addition, they will also receive weekly activities that works towards wellbeing and resilience.

Two separate private support groups are set up to support the different needs of the athletes and the spouses. 

  • 1 for the athletes

  • 1 for the spouses

If you're interested in this program contact us so we can advise you if this program is appropriate for yourself or club.

Partners Elsewhere is delighted to partner with the AFL Players Association to support their AFL players and families.

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