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Where Partners Elsewhere Came From
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"Partners Elsewhere came from a place of frustration and not knowing what to do."

Deployment left Elise feeling worn down, anxious, angry, confused and sad. After deployment number two she knew there had to be a better way and decided to take matters into her own hands. 

Elise wanted to find a way to focus on prevention, not just treatment. A way where help was available before reaching rock bottom. A way where couples could use there time apart to develop their relationship so it didn't just survive, it thrived. Improving it so it was better than before.

Elise knew she couldn't achieve this alone so she teamed up with Emma, a warm and compassionate psychologist. Together they strove to develop a program that offers the real support and understanding needed when two people are physically separated. Together they created the Partners Elsewhere (PE) program and community. 

PE is a program designed with a psychologist and run discreetly online with a supportive community and live chats. PE reveals a deeper understanding of each other and encourages couples to open up and work on making their relationship stronger than what they were before they were physically separated.

The program includes fortnightly 'modules' each focusing on a different skill designed to enhance relationship happiness and wellbeing. Each module is based on psychological principles, theory, and research. They include Skills, Solo Missions, Team Challenges, and Fun Date Nights. Each module also includes an Additional Resources section for those who want to delve a bit deeper. Couples also join the Support Tribe, a community of people who are physically separated from their loved ones. The Support Tribe is a space of positivity, strength and resilience where we offer additional support via information and activities.


We are really excited to help many couples whilst they are physically separated. We are looking forward to seeing them come back stronger"  

~Emma & Elise~

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